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About Our Company

As a result of our training, education, and experience, we know: "It's difficult to deal with only one component of a person, one part of a company, or one aspect of an issue. All parts of a project have to be reviewed and addressed in order to experience complete success." Wherever you are in your business and/or personal development, we can help you DREAM BIGGER, REACH FARTHER, and STEP OUTSIDE the BOX.

The following certifications are in process for us.

  • Six Sigma Training
  • Private Occupational School
  • International Association for Continuing Education
  • Registered Education Provider
  • Creation of The Center for Excellence Certification

Our Guiding Principles

You may be a business owner, an individual looking to start a business, a person with an idea, a pastor, a ministry leader, a couple, a family, or someone in transition. Dr. Pam was designed to serve you. We are a different breed of consultant; results oriented a purely dedicated to your success. We are here to support you in every way we can to help you meet your goals.

  • Our Strategy
  • Our Vision
  • Our Core Values
  • Our Mission

Recognized as the general practitioner for business and individual development.

How We Help

You have an idea? We take the first step to determining your success: getting your idea out of your head and on paper.

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We create a plan that is well thought out, and designed to assess where you are and take you were you have planned to go.

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You have a vision? We work tirelessly to ensure the plan we develop is exactly what's needed to make it a reality.

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Our Team

Our Signature Programs


This signature program stretches back more than 35 years and encompasses several evolutions to get to this final one. We work with ministries, churches, non-profits and independent people who want to create a solid foundation in secular service. We worked to help visionaries understand the “business of ministry” and it s importance to vision fulfillment. We also provide Christian counseling.


After working in the secular industry for many years, work in the non-secular industry started to materialize. Our core values haven proven to be beneficial to our non-secular clients. Your Vision Writers started as A God Send Administrative Services, evolved to The Russell Consulting Group and was finally re-branded to Your Vision Writers where we provided support for both business an individual development.


As business continued to develop, we separated individual from business support. The Business Center for Excellence was born. Not only do we do business development, but we are creating classes, facilitating workshops, and laying the foundation for a business certification. Through the certification we will provide the tools needed for business and business owner success.

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