July 28, 2021

Dr. Pam's Blog

#Just Call Dr. Pam

  1. I’ve come to understand that situation where I can find my while it was really not about the wallet, it was more about my relationship with God. And not how God saw me in our relationship. But actually, how I saw myself in my relationship with God. How I viewed myself was based on many years of being told who I was. And being told what my “flaws” were. And using that synopsis to justify behavior toward me.
  2. I have to understand that I am who I am because that’s who God made. It is God who defines me. It is God who identifies if what the world sees is a “flaw” are simply what God has designed.
  3. Every situation that I encounter and every person that I encounter has a twofold process. One what God is doing in me and to, what God is doing in the person that I have encountered. Whether I fail or succeed or if the other person fails or succeed we are not released from our assignment. That situation is designed by God to expose our true nature.
  4. As we deal with each other as we evaluate each other the thing that we have to understand is that who we are and how great we become is not contingent upon someone else being less.
  5. God’s commission in my life must supersede everything else.
  6. How I function is a matter of the law of the Spirit of life operating within me in be yielding to the Lord’s operation. If that is done thoughts will be corrected and guidance will be given.
  7. More crucial than anything else, in my union with the Father I must either utilize all that He has given me and all that He is or I will usurp the authority over my life.