July 28, 2021

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What is prophetic training? I wanted to know the same thing. I wondered if it meant that I would start seeing into the future or seeing someone’s life. I especially wanted to know how God would use this gift in my church home. I was surprised to find that there was so much that had to be done in me before I did anything for Him with respect to the prophetic.
As I sought God for His purpose, what I found is that I had to first understand who I was. Before the foundation of the world God created me and He had a purpose in mind. Through the years, I have altered God’s creation, without realizing it, for various reasons that I believed were good ones. Well they were not. My initial time in training is being spent, undoing the damage the I have done to God’s creation so that I could come to a place where I see myself as God intended. It is only then that God could really use this gift.
The process that I am taking has a couple of steps.
1. I journal every day my thoughts, ideas, decisions that I make etc.
2. I use the Prophet’s Handbook and the Prophet’s Dictionary by Paula A. Price PhD for intellectual training.
3. My class sessions are spent going over the weekly journal and the class work from the handbook.
If you are seeking God to discover what he has called you to do, you can follow this same process or any variation that God leads you to do. You can either start reading from the recent links or you can start at the beginning of my journey click this link.

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