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Church/Non-profit Development

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  •         Administrative Development

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Faith Based Development and Living

Nonprofits are sometimes difficult to navigate. Why? People who create charitable organizations, whether or not they are churches, are visionaries. They see the end and often forget to focus on the path to the goal. A harsh reality that nonprofits have to face is they are true businesses. No matter how much passion or inspiration the founders have, the business segment has to be mastered.

It’s our job to help nonprofits see where they currently are, create a plan to complete the original vision, and work to accomplish the goal. Working with a team who understands both the secular and the nonsecular aspects of the business industry is what nonprofits need. Dr. Pam Russell, LLC. understands the process and are ready to help.

Our Support Focus

We approach churches and ministries with the same fervor that we do other businesses because a church is a business. It is the business of sharing Christ. Very often the skills and resources to be successful are not as readily available as in the secular business industry because of the approach. We are here to help you find what you need to get started, take the next step or expand to multiple locations. Our staff is equipped with pastors and we can assist you in deciding what to do, how to do it, & start getting it done. Don’t Miss the Opportunity to work with Us!

  • Established Organizations
  • New Organizations
  • Documentation & Training
  • Leadership Development

As new non-profit you will need many different skills and a lot of volunteer help to succeed. You have the passion and the vision. Those are definitely in abundance, but unless you can sell your product, find the right people to help, manage what is required for business sustainability, etc. your organization will not become what you have envisioned. We are here to help you get started on the right foundation so you can run a organization that touches lives and makes an impact in the community.
• How to identify and take advantage of all your organizational strengths.
• How to minimize the negative impact your organizational weaknesses could create.
• How to recognize opportunities within your area as well as outside of it.
• How to plan for the the threats facing your success.
• Financial Management and Record Keeping
• Performing Administrative Work
• Selecting the Right Volunteers
• Navigating State/Federal/Government Regulations

We deliver the right solution for you and your ministry.