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Pam Russell is passionate about her work. She began by establishing a working bond and getting to know my business and me as the CEO. She then worked with me to develop a website which was a reflection of both. Her work focuses on you. She may be working on projects for several individuals, but going through this, I felt as if I was her most important costumer until the final website was completed. If you are looking for someone who will care about you and your company as well as and how it will be reflected, I recommend her.

Dr. Pam was amazing. I was skeptical about taking pre-marital course. I thought it would be boring. I couldn’t be more wrong. Each session was thoroughly enjoyable and I found myself looking forward to the next appointment. My fiancé and I are from different countries and cultures and Dr. Pam worked with us on finding new ways of resolving disagreements and blending our cultures. I can not recommend her enough.

There is an African Proverb that reads :" if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far go together. In October 2018, I began my journey as an entrepreneur. Scripture tells us not to despair, for He is always with us and their will forever be a "Ram in the Bush." I am so thankful, that Dr. Russell is my ram. Last year, Dr. Russell and a colleague facilitated a two-day Entrepreneur Workshop. That workshop gave me knowledge and clarity as an entrepreneur; The workshop binder is a reference that will forever be in my resource library. I am grateful to know Dr. Russell. She is true to her calling, 'A Grateful Servant.' Words can't express the number of times I have almost 'shut down' and my spirit lead me to call. Dr. Russell. She is truly a woman of wisdom who encourages me with a therapeutic calmness. I wish desperately for you to share in the calmness that I enjoy. Please call Dr. Russell, she does have the answer.

Dr. Pam, We can't thank you enough for the wisdom and guidance you bestowed upon us these past few months in Pre-marital Counseling/Training. Thank you for investing your care into us to help us become stronger individually and closer as a couple in our partnership. You continued to show us that while we may have a difference in personality and values, we were brought together to balance it out and love each other for who we are.

Dear Pam, You are “A God Send”. I want to thank you for consulting with the Loop Restaurants to create our Chaplain’s Program Manual, Handbook and Employee/Franchisee handout. We distributed the finished product at our recent Franchise Conference. The Chaplain’s program now is provided as a system. By formalizing the program, our franchisees perceive more value in offering the Chaplain’s Program as an addition to our existing employee assistance program. Again, thanks so much.

I was so blessed by the time that we spent working with Pam. We filed our 501 (c)(3), created our bylaws and really was able to take a look at the vision that God had given to this ministry.

Such a fantastic company when you are looking to clarify business goals and get down to business. They help with goal setting and the steps needed to meet that goal! Thank You!

I knew what God was calling me to do, but I just couldn't’t get started. Pam was there to help. All my ideas and what I knew God was calling me to do was placed before me in black and white.

Words cannot express the thankfulness I fill in my heart for what Pam did for our ministry, as well as support for me. The Web site far exceeded any standard we requested.

When taking on a project as big as establishing a daughter church, the areas of concern are limitless. Pam took us step by step from the strategic plan that covered in detail where we were, what we were trying to accomplish and what we needed to do, to the final product.

When I decided to leave my 10-year career in engineering for a chance to become a RN, and then specialize, I knew it would be difficult on every front and I was not prepared. When I thought about changing careers, developing a resume, and interviewing, I was overwhelmed. By working with Pam, we were able to create a step by step plan and begin the work of finding the right path to success for me. We started by completely rewriting my resume, so it catered to my strengths and appealed to the universities I was applying to. I am delighted that I was accepted in the school I wanted, and I am now a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.

We were in need of policy manuals in order to be certified to house children at our ranch. YVW (then RCG) did an excellent and timely job in helping us construct the manuals.

I highly recommend Your Vision Writers as a partner to create a tailor made plan for your vision! Pam is very professional, and I enjoy working with her.

Pam will bring incredible enthusiasm and insight to your business. In addition to having the talent to see the big picture, Pam's great at keeping track of details. I can attest to her leadership and customer focus qualities which allow her to take on a consulting project and make sure it's completed on time, on budget and with the client in mind every step of the way.

Pam’s ministry has always been a blessing to me. I would entrust her ministry, business acumen and her spiritual walk to any Pastor or congregation that is in need of a Godly rendered service."

Thanks so much Pam for the foundational work that you did for the ministry. We went from a conversation and dream to an organization that had a vision that I could run with.

I sought Pam’s help again because I needed a web site. It was created along with my logo, postcards and brochure. We continually work with her because we know she will far exceed our expectations.

As a 15-year professional in the non-profit field, I am pleased to recommend Ms. Russell. Her knowledge of the field is incredible. She is the one to “go to”.

Pam takes the time to understand what clients not only desire but what they need. The staff and I only pray that we would have had contact with the her sooner.

Great company to work with if you are a non-profit or looking to start a non-profit. I highly recommend.

Once the daughter church was started, we still needed Pam. She created By-laws, employee and leadership manuals, as well as facilitated the training of the leadership. Pam’s guidance and support helped us accomplish in 8 months what we thought would have taken over a year to do.

My Mom coached me and helped build my confidence for interviewing in the search of a new job. After working with her, I was hired on a new job making three times the amount I was previously making. Also, using the same skills and tools I learned; I was able to help a friend achieve a better job.

Pam’s administrative and managerial support was invaluable. From intercessory prayer, to praise and worship she does “whatever her hands can find to do”. But not only does she have the will to do, she has also been gifted, trained and anointed.

We were in a crunch to get our Human Resources office in order and again Pam came to our rescue. She assessed the need and helped us develop a comprehensive strategy for managing HR issues.

When you start a ministry from scratch the needs are not always apparent. Pam wrote the New Members Training and taught it to the leaders so we would all be on the same page. I was so impressed at how she was able to tap into my heart so clearly and then transfer my thoughts to reality. We then used them to write the manual for our Intercessory Team. Pam was a blessing to us and I am sure she will be to any ministry or business.

Amazing! Words cannot describe how much I’ve learned and grown with Pamela Russell as my life coach and counselor! Her gift of love truly shines, and it is there where my lessons of love and wisdom began. Through growth and direction, I am now on the path that I believe I should be on. I’ve been able to submit to the Will of The Most High and have found my way. I have discovered my ideal position, my strengths and weaknesses, and my desire to love and be loved.

I work with Pam and The Business Center for Excellence. Each day has been a joy. I've learned so much about me. I've gotten the opportunity to teach and grow. I recommend her to anyone starting a business, trying to expand their business or just get a great assessment.

I am an entrepreneur and was in need of help. I am so glad I found Pam. I highly recommend her.