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Individual Development

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Hitting the target

Being able to see yourself accomplishing goals, living your dreams and loving your life is not only your priority; at Dr. Pam Russell, its ours as well. We deliver the professional knowledge and experience needed to make educated decisions. Our work ethic is founded on the traits and qualities we consider to be both worthwhile and necessary. We produce results that represent our highest priorities, deeply held beliefs, and foundation for how we live.

Our core values define what we believe as a company and how we want our services to resonate with and appeal to our clients, our employees, our partners and the world.

Services for Individuals

As a result of working with us, clients stop dodging the difficult questions and hard work that hold the key to their future. They experience cleansing of the old and stagnated mindsets to make room for a new perspective. They use their past as a steppingstone into their future and not an anchor to the now. We take the tools normally used to plan for business success and use them to help you plan for your individual success.

  • Life Coaching
  • Vision Writing
  • Personal Planning
  • Goal Setting

Your vision statement is the anchor point for your life. It is the road-map to where you want to go. The vision statement reveals, at the highest levels, what you hope to be and achieve in the long term. Your statement should leave nothing open to interpretation, however it should have ambition. If it is immediately achievable, it is not a vision.

Our Core Values

Our professionalism is something you will observe from the moment you meet us until you leave. We will always be professionally dressed. We will most probably arrive 15 minutes early because of military training. We will always be courteous and not move without authorization. We understand our job and are prepared to do it. Our work ethics set the tone for our service and we are professional and consistent.

The work we will do together will be authentic. We provide original, creative thinking designed for you and what you need. Our work is consistently high-quality because of proper scheduling, a determination to help you succeed and a high standard of professionalism. We endeavor to always deliver far and above what is expected.

Just because someone is moving does not mean they are productive. Because we have a strong work ethic, we will help you follow the plan set for your success. Your plan will be ordered and organized so we devote the required time to complete on or before projected. Every session, whether it is administrative, developmental or technical, is done with the utmost efficiency to increase productivity.

A big part of your success is knowing you are not alone. We are a part of your team. Not only are we working for you, but we are also working with you. Teamwork and cooperation ensures we get the best information to help you be successful. We are open to include as many people as you would like in the process. Teamwork tends to cause productivity and efficiency to soar. Teamwork actually does make the dream work.

We deliver the right solution for you.